Office relocation

Our team is expert in office and embassy relocation and is at your disposal with a plan for every step of the relocation and transport so that it can also be done over the weekend.

Our team is also expert in packing, dissembling and assembling of the office furniture.

Each office and embassy relocation is unique and that is why each relocation team has a foreman who will supervise and see through that the relocation is done under the best conditions and on time.



A representative of our company will come to your headquarters in order to assess the volume of the goods to be relocated. This assessment is free of charge.


All fragile goods will be packed individually, with paper in special boxes and the files will be packed in smaller boxes for an easier handling. Each piece of furniture will be dissembled and packed in bubble wrap foil or in special blankets and an inventory list will be prepared; each box or package will be given a number and the room where it was taken from will be noted (name of the person, floor and room number).


Our team will come to the loading address on time as agreed. They will load all the packed goods carefully so that nothing will be damaged, paying special attention inside the building at corners, stairway, elevator and doors.


All the goods will be relocated with our own means of transportation, and you will be kept informed all the way.


When the goods are unloaded the inventory list will be checked for each package that enters your building. Afterwards the furniture will be unpacked and assembled as you request. All the materials used for relocation will be removed on the date agreed.

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